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         A quick, simple way to dispose of unused pills and liquid medicines

Drug Disposal & Environmental Safety


The Pill Catcher™ is a new, easy-to-use product that allows you to dispose of unused pills and medicines safely.

We certify that The Pill Catcher™ is the only drug disposal product that passes all EPA tests for safe disposal to landfills.

We Know

  • People are looking for a way to dispose of drugs safely.
  • Drug pollution of fresh water resources is a growing concern.
  • Soon there will be legislation making flushing drugs illegal in all states.

We Believe

  • The Pill Catcher™ is the product everyone is going to want.

About Us

We are family-owned and operated.  We're concerned about what is slowly happening to our water resources and want to make a difference.  Why not let us help you make a difference too?

About 8 years ago we began our search for a safe solution to drug disposal.  We were correct in our thinking that this would be a major problem of pollution of our fresh water resources.

After 3 years of research and testing, we developed a formula that would totally encapsulate dissolving drugs, thereby removing any risk of pollution.


Thank You

The Pill Catcher Family

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Safe Pill Disposal - The Pill Catcher

The Pill Catcher™ was tested on all classes of drugs, in pill, gel cap, liquid, and patch form.  The Pill Catcher™ passed all standard environmental tests as required by law.  Click here to see results.

Safe pill disposal for the environment

  • Easy to use
  • Absorbs drugs in patented mixture (U.S. Patent #7,918,777 B2)
  • Preserves our vital sources of water

Family Owned for 10 years  |   Trying to Make a Better World

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